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Our company MCM Digital Prints & Signs Ltd, based in Dali - Nicosia since 2007, as you will see, we have entered deep into the world of digital printing and instalation of large and small illuminated and non-illuminated signs, specialized constructions, printing and instalment by our specially trained staff advertising stickers for shop windows and cars, as well as typographic prints (brochures, business cards, invoices, receipts and invitations for all kinds of parties, etc.).

From a very early age, due to the high and quality work provided by our company, as well as the special trust that our customers show in our well-trained staff, the management of our company created the department of metal constructions and following the company MCM Metal Constructions Ltd .

With this move, our company wanted to be a pioneer in the field of service, providing on its backs a complete package of renewal and advertising of their company.

So with us you can renew the face of your company both internally with our metal constructions and externally with your stickers or inscriptions, always in the latest fashion.

Our company MCM Metal Constructions Ltd is also active in the field of creating metal buildings, fences, warehouses, canopies, as well as in the field of renovations, with its own architects and interior designers.

With one phone call you do not have to worry about anything. We take care of everything. You just choose ..

With state-of-the-art machinery and specially trained staff, MCM Digital Prints & Signs Ltd and MCM Metal Constructions Ltd are at your disposal for the best result in your prints and installations.

In the potential of our company could not be added another company that aims to make your moments unique and unforgettable. Our 3rd company Glamor Events Unique and Personalized gifts by MCM deals with the creation of weddings, christenings, birthdays, corporate parties etc. Undertakes with great success from the printing of invitations to the decoration of the space. Glamor Events Unique and Personalized gifts by MCM also deals with the manufacture of personal handmade gifts (from wood, plexiglass), chocolates and children's gifts for various parties.

As companies in the world of printing, promotional gifts and metal constructions, we try to offer you a complete solution in the field of advertising and renewal or renovation of your space.

For the company, the extremely good relationship and the impeccable service of our partners / customers are paramount.

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